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Indoor Series

The new and exclusive Cava Foffi series, designed to give a touch of class to interior furnishings. The tuff that has been used for years only and exclusively for the construction and furnishing of green spaces, today thanks to the use of innovative machines combined with the creativity of our craftsmen, we have managed to evolve by opening a way to a new market which is addressed to indoor furniture:


  • Bricked with thickness 2 Cm.

  • Greek

  • Frames

  • Skirting

These types of products can be applied with tile adhesive

Opus Romain.jpg
12 bis.jpg

The 2 cm thick tuff tiles are also used for interior cladding. In fact, thanks to the possibility of being treated with a water-repellent after installation, the problem of porosity is eliminated, therefore no more dust, and finally the aging of the material is stopped. Tiles of this kind are used for brickwork in the kitchen, bathroom and furniture in general, today it is used for furnishings in the restaurant, restaurants, farmhouses, trattorias, etc., so as to make the environment rustic and elegant.

4 bis.jpg

Decorative greek in tuff, to break the monotony of a wall. For those looking for a new, innovative and rustic alternative for their home, it is suitable for any environment, inside and outside of their home.


The tuff frames are a valid alternative for interior decoration with a historic and versatile stone. Light and practical in installation.

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