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Our company is structured in a simple, efficient and avant-garde manner thanks to the commitment and constancy of its members, as well as brothers, who have projected their family values into what is now a company.

Just like in a family, everyone has their own role to focus on with the utmost attention in order to achieve the goal that unites everyone: Growing, always maintaining the high quality of the service offered at every stage.

All this allows the Mondial Tufo brand to be well appreciated in the mining and working sectors, thanks above all to the passion that has been handed down for generations.

The company is enhanced by a Group, a team that moves in unison to oppose any competition.

The Viribus unitis follows: "unity is strength" and its goal is to achieve the same objective, to GROW!

Made up of qualified people all over the national territory, offering advice and services able to satisfy the customer at 360 °.

Group of Members

Commercial Group

Gruppo Rappresentanti

From History... To Your Tomorrow...
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